Virtual Office & Call Answering

We offer a complete virtual office package which includes call answering & mail service. We also offer a mail only service. For more information please contact us.

What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office provides you with a business address without the need to take a physical office space.

Virtual offices are an extremely useful service for businesses and individuals who don’t require a physical location, it’s also great for start-ups and entrepreneurs who can’t yet afford a physical office as an expense.

A great example of this would be a technology or telecommunications company that operates entirely online, dealing only with consumers through phone or email communications.

Why use a Virtual office?

When running a business, having an office address can add a level of legitimacy to your business – whether you’re listing it on your website or using it on online directory listings, it can provide a level of comfort and increase trust among your business’s consumers or customers.

Mail Handling & Call Answering Service

The virtual office package we provide also includes a mail service and a call answering service – meaning you can have any business mail sent to your virtual office address and calls can be answered in your company name where we can then take messages and redirect your calls for you.

We also run a mail only service if you don’t require the full virtual office package. Post can be sent to your virtual office address where can be held for collection at your convenience or forwarded directly onto you.

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Additional Services

Board Room Hire

We offer meeting and boardroom hire at Belfast City Office. Please contact us to check availability and for a quotation.

Secretarial Support Service

We offer a secretarial support service which includes word processing, scanning, photocopying, filing etc. Send us your job outline and we will provide a quotation.